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Monitor, analyse & optimise your production.

As the digital centre of your corrugated cardboard factory, the Digital Factory brings together data from different systems – production planning, warehouse systems, machine data, etc. – in one place. This allows you to monitor, analyse and optimise your production on the basis of sound data.

Do these challenges also exist in your production?

Unexpected downtimes

Only when problems such as machine failures or production disruptions occur and lead to unplanned downtimes are they noticed.

Time-consuming data analysis

Analysing data and identifying production inefficiencies is a challenge as the internal processes are time-consuming and complex.

Lack of transparency

Monitoring and analysing production is difficult due to a lack of real-time information and fragmented data.

Efficiency problems

Optimisation potential and efficiency improvements are difficult to identify.

Analogue document management

Difficulties in finding important documents and information as the filing system is unstructured and not yet digital.

Error detection

Errors or deviations in production are often not recognised at an early stage and action is taken too late.

Integrated Features

Tool Set

Live View

Full transparency at a glance with the 3D live view


Simple & clear: customised analysis of historical data at the touch of a button

Condition Monitoring

Know & be notified before real problems arise


Manage all documents in one central location

Simulation & Predictions

Coming Soon: Effective decision-making through data analysis

Everything you need in one platform:
Your digital production assistant.

  • Full transparency at a glance

    Keep an overview of your production in our 3D live view!

    Real-time data capture gives you a quick insight into your production at any time. You have full control, no matter what time of day or how far back you look. Our continuous data recording allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening at all times, without restrictions. By analysing the available data, the Digital Factory acts as an early warning system and points out impending problems. React faster and optimise your production.

    Your added value:

    1. Quick insight into your production & full transparency in real time
    2. Real-time monitoring enables immediate action
    3. Be alerted to potential, impending problems before they arise
  • Simple & clear: customised analysis of historical data at the touch of a button

    Recognise hidden potential based on historical data and effortlessly increase your productivity.

    Our dashboards allow you to analyse data from different sources and systems, enabling you to gain comprehensive insights into your production. Easily share the generated reports within your organisation to promote knowledge sharing and drive improvements together.

    Your added value:

    1. Quickly analyse historical data to save time and increase productivity
    2. Recognise hidden potential by analysing historical data
    3. Easily share individually generated reports within your organisation to learn from data and improve processes together
  • Know & be notified before real problems arise

    Would you like to be informed in the event of machine breakdowns or other anomalies?

    Our condition monitoring allows you and your colleagues to be notified immediately in the event of problems in production. This allows you to react quickly and optimise your productivity! You can customise the function perfectly to your needs and define your use cases yourself. You can also share your alerts with your registered colleagues and keep them up to date.

    Your added value:

    1. Avoidance of critical bottlenecks
    2. Reduction of stop times
    3. Efficient response to production deviations for optimised order planning and customer satisfaction
  • Manage all documents in one central location

    Any time, any place.

    Reduce your search times by managing all your documents centrally in one place. With our intelligent search function, you can find the documents you need within seconds. Our authorisation concept enables you to share selected documents with selected employees.

    Your added value:

    1. Centralised document management for greater efficiency
    2. Find the documents you need in seconds
    3. Controlled access rights for secure collaboration

Use Cases:
solve real problems in your production with the o.Digital Factory

Find out how our solutions are used in day-to-day operations and what results they can achieve.

Early detection of production deviations

Live comparison of the planned quantity with the actual quantity produced gives you (e.g. production manager and planner) a clear overview of whether the production quantity for the current hour/shift is on target and allows you to take proactive action.

Reduction of stopping times by up to 5 %

Maintenance staff use Live View, for example, to check the performance of the machines after a repair and to intervene directly if problems / deviations persist.

An overview in Live View and specifically defined conditions reduce response times to machine failures and thus shorten the machine’s downtime, as employees (e.g. production managers, maintenance staff, shift supervisors) are notified of machine downtimes after 10 minutes, for example.

Reduction in labour costs of up to 5 %

The easily configurable dashboards and the ability to create automated reports with the most important key figures can significantly reduce the manual work involved in preparing production meetings. The effort required to create customised analyses is also reduced.

Bottleneck and ‘full stop’ avoidance

By displaying and simulating the current and future utilisation of warehouses based on planned orders, bottlenecks in the warehouse can be responded to more quickly. Production managers or planners can also be informed in advance about critical capacity utilisation in the future. Planners use this functionality to keep an eye on the development of the interim warehouse and adjust it if necessary.

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