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Do you also face these challenges in your purchasing department in corrugated cardboard production?

Limited technological integration

Manual ordering and administration processes

Old-fashioned communication options

Many different order channels

Lack of transparency in the ordering process

Unclear stock and delivery information

No standardised reporting

Get the right spare parts on time & at the right price

High manual effort and many errors

Integrated Modules

Tool Set


One-stop shopping for corrugated cardboard


Simple & clear: all your order data at the touch of a button.


Orders directly from the ERP: connect once and be networked with all providers

Automated ordering


Subscription purchases or fully automated orders via your machines will soon be possible

In a nutshell: your advantages with o.Procurement

  • One shopping location, one system and all information & products in one place

  • Quickly find the desired products & familiar functions from private online shopping

  • Customised prices can be used as usual

  • Network other openpack applications to optimise processes and take advantage of further opportunities

More than just a marketplace: your all-in-one procurement solution

  • One-stop shopping for corrugated board

    Large selection – easy ordering.

    The marketplace – your perfectly integrated warehouse for corrugated board. All your suppliers and your required product ranges on one platform – whether spare parts or office supplies, our marketplace makes procurement simple, efficient and fast. A standardised procurement process makes it easier to cover your needs.

    Your added value:

    1. All requirements for your corrugated board factory – in one place
    2. Orders at any place – at any time
    3. Exclusive OEM brand shops
    4. Use already integrated suppliers or bring in your own suppliers
    5. Customise the search according to your manufacturers and requirements
  • Simple & clear: all your order data at the touch of a button.

    Comprehensive ERP-independent purchasing analyses for all your plants

    View and evaluate all important data on your orders: Personalised dashboards – Individually configurable reports as required – Comparison of purchasing volumes by location and category and much more. This allows you to optimally uncover and utilise hidden savings potential and opportunities.

    Your added value:

    1. Personalised dashboards & individually configurable reports to easily view & evaluate all important order data
    2. Optimally uncover and utilise hidden savings potential and opportunities
    3. Simple data insight for better decisions
  • Orders directly from your ERP

    Reach all your suppliers in your system with one connection!

    Our procurement solution offers a seamless OCI / EDI connection to optimise the ordering process for you. OCI (Open Catalog Interface) enables the integration of product and price information from the online shop directly into your ERP system, which simplifies the management and updating of catalogues. With EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), you can carry out the entire ordering process electronically via your ERP system, which increases efficiency and minimises manual processes.

Use Cases:
Solve real problems in your purchasing department with o.Procurement

Find out how our solutions are used in day-to-day operations and what results they can achieve.

Efficient and standardised reporting

Many companies use different ERP systems with different reporting tools. With our standardised reporting function, all relevant data from different systems can be brought together and user-defined reports can be created. Managers in purchasing, procurement or controlling can thus significantly reduce the amount of work involved in creating and managing reports.

Optimise the procurement process

The fully automated synchronisation of order confirmations and invoices means that fewer manual checks are required, which saves purchasing staff a considerable amount of time. Automating these processes ensures that orders and invoices are processed efficiently and without errors. This not only improves the productivity of the team, but also minimises the risk of errors and increases the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Simplified supplier integration

With the OCI / EDI connection of our procurement solution, several suppliers can be addressed via the same interface and connection costs can be saved at the same time.

Instead of having to set up individual interfaces for each supplier, you can communicate easily with different suppliers via a central platform. This seamless integration not only simplifies procurement processes, but also minimises administrative effort and optimises cost structures.



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